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        The shortage of machine tool operators in China is urgently needed

        Hits:Updated:2019-07-09 09:07:31【Print】

          On March 15, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security held a meeting to implement the "13th Five-Year Plan for Technical Education". Tang Tao, deputy director of the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs, said that it is necessary to vigorously develop the education of skilled workers and focus on cultivating reserve industry workers and highly skilled personnel with innovative capabilities. In recent years, there has been a huge gap in skilled talents.   The government work report repeatedly mentions the “artisan spirit”, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has specially issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for Technical Education”. In the next few years, skilled talents will come to the forefront.
          Desire for the "artisan spirit", there must be a group of veritable craftsmen. However, under the situation of relatively surplus talents, craftsmen are extremely rare. The long-term short-termization of vocational education and technical education has made the number of blue-collar workers less and the structure is not good, and it is difficult to adapt to the needs of the development of the manufacturing industry. The number of senior technicians in the country is nearly 10 million, and the number of retreats is even larger. The reasonable proportion of the skilled workers in the developed countries provided by the ILO is 35%, 50% and 15% respectively. The proportion of senior technicians in developed countries accounts for 20%-40%, while in China it is less than 4%, and the gap is tens of millions.
          The lack of craftsmanship, the creation of a big country can not become a manufacturing power, even on the "a ballpoint refill." You make a core to make a pen, you make a nuclear to build a shell, you work as a boss, and you make money to process it, it is the real status of China's manufacturing industry. There are countless manufacturers of mobile phones for processing and production. However, the profits of thousands of dollars of mobile phones and processing plants are extremely small. In order to maintain operation and production, even if they earn a few dollars to a few dollars, some manufacturers do not dare to slack off.
          China produces billions of ballpoint pens every year, but nearly 90% of the pen tip beads are imported, and 80% of the ink is imported or manufactured with imported equipment. Lack of core technology, huge output, low price, low profit, this is known as the "ballpoint pen phenomenon", but also the real situation of the domestic manufacturing industry - big but not strong, low value-added, for men to marry clothes. Why is the Japanese toilet being snapped up, why can't even make a round bead refill? This question needs to be answered with "no quality technicians."
          Talent is the core resource element and productivity. In recent years, there has been a strict structural imbalance in the cultivation of talents. On the one hand, the number of college graduates in the country has hit record highs, and the “most difficult employment season in history” has been repeatedly broken. On the other hand, there is a serious shortage of senior technicians required by the manufacturing industry. For example, according to relevant information, the shortage of CNC machine tools in China alone is as high as 600,000. Some enterprises have set a high price of hundreds of thousands of annual salary for some senior technicians, which means they cannot recruit people and finally have to hire foreign countries. Laid off senior mechanic.
          It is undeniable that discrimination against vocational and technical education is the reason why many parents and students prefer to squeeze the single-story bridge of ordinary colleges and universities, and they are not willing to choose to study in vocational schools. However, discrimination is not naturally formed, but the market orientation itself has problems. Without relatively superior economic treatment and policy dividends, there is no strong adsorption. Here, there are two examples to prove that one is that the listed company's profit for one year may not be as good as one or two suites. Second, there is news that a certain place is preferential to the graduates of famous schools in order to attract talents. Can become a deputy-level cadre. Imagine if the technical school students have this treatment, the pursuers can not be rushed.
          The development of vocational education cannot be discussed on the matter, but must be based on the premise and foundation of manufacturing, so that practitioners have the strongest source of power. People have a profitability. If they are senior technicians, they not only have very good treatment, but also have a very high social status. Craftsmen become a respected profession, and the craftsman spirit will be the water of the head. Advocating the spirit of craftsmanship, but also crowding out the "talent bubble". However, in the case of the market playing a decisive role, the best means is to play a market-oriented role, with policy support and incentive guidance as the premise, let the manufacturing industry and occupation first. Education has a good policy dividend, the external environment, people get higher expectations, the lack of craftsmen, the lack of craftsmanship, will be solved.


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