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        China's machine tool industry risks are hidden.

        Hits:Updated:2019-08-29 16:08:07【Print】

          “In the second half of last year, especially in the fourth quarter, China’s machine tool industry showed a trend of stabilizing and good. At that time, we actually had some concerns, that is, whether this stable trend can continue this year. "On March 20, at the press conference of the 15th China International Machine Tool Show, Chen Huiren, executive vice president and secretary general of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said: "At that time, we were worried that the machine tool market was running. This year will be affected by several unfavorable factors - the first is real estate regulation; the second is the auto market, the government has adjusted the 1.6 liter displacement and the following vehicle purchase tax preferential policies; the third is international trade. But as of today These few things have not shown negative effects. Although the specific statistics have not yet come out, overall, the trend of stabilizing is continuing!"
          According to statistics from the China Machine Tool Industry Association, in 2016, China's machine tool consumption was 27.5 billion US dollars, and tool consumption was 4 billion US dollars. In fact, the demand situation of the  Chinese machine tool market has changed significantly in recent years. Chen Huiren said that the new market features of China's machine tool market are obviously reduced, and the new features of the demand structure are accelerating. The main direction of the demand structure upgrade can be summarized into three aspects: automation package, customized customization and general shift upgrade. .
          “In the past, the high-volume, general-purpose products produced by our company, the current market demand is not only the “waist”, but even some have dropped by 90%. Fortunately, our company has changed the market situation. Strong feelings, already adjusting themselves in a new direction," Chen Huiren said.
          So, how should companies make shifts, adapt to new trends, and make new breakthroughs? Chen Huiren pointed out that shifting upgrades are not only the upgrading of products and technologies, but also the shifting of development strategies and the upgrading of the company's own capabilities.
          “The machine tool industry has also experienced a period of more than ten years of rapid development. At this stage, the general development strategy of industry enterprises is 'bigger and stronger'; but now, this stage has passed and should not be economically Expansion is the main direction, but more attention should be paid to quality and efficiency improvement." Chen Huiren said.
          The company's own capabilities also need to be upgraded. Chen Huiren pointed out that the biggest strength of many companies in the industry in the past was the production of low-end, general-purpose stand-alone products in large-volume production. "Now the market situation has undergone tremendous changes. This ability is definitely a 'hero is useless.' To adapt to the market needs of complete sets, niche, and personalized customization, companies must also transform themselves and rebuild their own ability."


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