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        Industry News

        India relies on imported machine tools up to 77%

        Hits:Updated:2019-07-09 09:07:59【Print】

          After experiencing a 30% market growth rate for five consecutive years, the Indian machine tool industry is facing a decline in demand caused by a sharp drop in customer demand. Despite this challenge, Indian machine tool production has remained basically the same as in previous years. 86% of the contribution comes from the gold cutting machine, and the rest is the metal forming machine.
          The rapid development of the Indian automotive and parts industry and the investment in infrastructure construction have made the demand for machine tools huge. As a developing country, India is the seventh largest consumer of machine tools, and its dependence on imported machine tools is 77%. The Indian machine tool market is an important area for competition among countries. China's product grades are suitable for the Indian market, and machine tool companies should strategically pay attention to the needs of the Indian market.
          India is in the development stage, and the gap between the rich and the poor is wide, but the factories and highways under construction are everywhere. The few high-end vehicles on the roads are imported. The rest of the cars, trucks, motorcycles, tricycles, passenger vehicles, Tractor and construction machinery are almost entirely made in China. From the perspective of the competitiveness of the industry itself, Indian machine tools have the following characteristics: the ability to provide high-performance machine tools for Indian and overseas users; efforts to transform into high-productivity, high-efficiency, more cost-competitive industries; Establish a close and integrated relationship with suppliers and secondary suppliers; actively communicate with customers in various fields such as the automotive industry and the defense industry.
          According to relevant personnel of the Indian Machine Tool Association, the concentration of the Indian machine tool market is very high. Four companies account for 25% of the market, 25 companies account for 45%, and many other companies account for the remaining 30%.


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