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        CNC punch internal structure

        Hits:Updated:2019-09-11 15:09:57【Print】

        On the internal structure of the CNC punching machine, we will briefly summarize the six main parts.
        1. Servo unit, drive unit and measuring device: Ensure sensitive and accurate tracking of CNC device commands, including feed motion commands and spindle motion commands. Servo motors, linear guides, ball screws, couplings, pneumatic components and electrical components are all imported brands to ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment.
        2, PLC, equipment I / O circuit and device: accept the CNC M, S, T command, decode it and convert it into the corresponding control signal, control the auxiliary device to complete the corresponding switch action; accept the operation panel and equipment The side I/O signal is sent to the CNC device, and after it is processed, the output command controls the working state of the CNC system and the action of the equipment.
        3. Operation panel: The tool that the operator gives instructions to the CNC punching machine - the computer used daily. It adopts the most popular Windows 7/10 computer operating system, realizes AutoCAD graphics automatic conversion processing program, and is flexible and convenient to operate. It is not too troublesome to learn. Basically, it is easier to learn from the basics of cad.
        4. CNC system. The main introduction is the core of the CNC system - CNC device. According to the input part processing program, the corresponding processing (such as motion path processing, CNC punch input and output processing, etc.) is performed, and then the control commands are output to the corresponding execution components (servo unit, drive unit, PLC, etc.).
        5. Control medium and input and output equipment: The control medium is the medium for recording the part processing program, and the input and output equipment is the interaction device between the CNC system and the external equipment. Mainly the control unit.
        6, mechanical equipment: the main body of CNC equipment, is the implementation of manufacturing and processing components. The bed is tempered as a whole and then subjected to vibration aging treatment to effectively eliminate internal stress.


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